Thessaloniki, Greece – Mammoth Energy celebrated a resounding success at the International Renewable Energy Tech Exhibition, held on March 7-9 at the TIF premises in Thessaloniki.

The event drew a large crowd and featured significant participation from companies across the energy sector, showcasing the latest advancements in green and smart energy solutions.

Mammoth Energy captivated visitors with the presentation of two ultra-luxury products that seamlessly blend shading with solar energy production. These innovative offerings include unique pergolas and carports, both equipped with integrated photovoltaic panels on the roof. These products not only enhance the exterior aesthetics of homes and businesses but also provide year-round energy generation, embodying the perfect combination of functionality and style.

The showcased products are developed by the esteemed French company, Ma pergola Solaire. Mammoth Energy holds the exclusive import rights for these products in the Greek market, underscoring their commitment to bringing cutting-edge renewable energy solutions to Greece.


The exhibition was an excellent platform for Mammoth Energy to demonstrate their dedication to sustainable energy solutions and to highlight their role in advancing renewable energy technology in Greece. The response from visitors was overwhelmingly positive!

As the demand for sustainable and smart energy solutions continues to grow, Mammoth Energy remains at the forefront, driving innovation and excellence in the renewable energy sector. Their participation in the International Renewable Energy Tech Exhibition marks another milestone in their ongoing mission to promote and implement green energy solutions across Greece.



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