Mammoth Chargers

Building a nationwide network of chargers
Creating a Greener Electric Mobility Future

Mammoth Energy actively develops a network of charging service stations across the Greek mainland. The transition to Greener Mobility requires to change our approach on how we see transportation, the services we offer to drivers, how we generate cleaner energy and how we design sustainable spaces that can deliver our electrified vision. That’s why we’ve taken industry best practises and applied them to our development approach for all our future service facilities. Our approach to challenge the way we design, the way we deliver e-Mobility.

Our commitments

  • Utilise Sustainable Design and Architecture
  • Create spaces that will promote sustainability and educate
  • Deliver the Optimum EV charging technology
  • Use the latest payment trends (mobile and contactless payments)
  • Deliver 100% Green Electricity to our future visitors
  • Create new retail experiences · Build a community around our charging hubs

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Home solutions

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Business solutions

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Public organisations

Mammoth is ready to work with public organisations and municipalities to expand its network of chargers. If you are looking to partner up with a reliable organisation and look at the opportunities of creating new local charging networks for Electric Vehicles please contact us for an initial analysis.

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EV Ready

Are you EV Ready? We are amidst a revolution in transportation. Electric Vehicles are becoming mainstream both for personal and business travel. If you have an electric vehicle or are planning to acquire one, you will need an EV Charger.