Battery energy storage systems (BESS)

Battery energy storage systems (BESS) are the key to unlocking the full potential of intermittent renewable energy; the more renewable energy that is connected, the more important the ability to manage its interment nature becomes. 

Battery energy storage systems offer the ability to stabilise and balance the outflow of electricity from renewable sources and ensure it is used most effectively. They are the key to a flexible energy system that can respond instantaneously to changes in supply and demand. 

Utility-scale battery storage has a vital role to play in the global energy mix. It provides an answer to one of the biggest challenges faced by renewable generators – the interment nature of such technologies – offering a way to capture clean energy and balance energy generation against demand.

Mammoth energy is one of Greece’s leading independent consultants and developers of utility-scale battery energy storage projects. We are committed to developing and operating such projects to support Greece’s transition to a clean energy future.

Mammoth Energy has the in-house expertise to develop co-located or stand-alone energy storage (batteries) sites for grid support and time-shifting purposes.

To date, our team has licenses more than 1GWp+/4GWh plants in Greece and the UK.

We can support your development and licensing efforts by conducIng an end-to-end

consulting service:

  • Land sourcing / Validation
  • All required Engineering, Technical and Environmental studies
  • Project Planning and Licensing including
  • Grid Application

BESS Project Development

At Mammoth Energy, we develop our own projects up to 100MWp / 400MWh. Key factor is land close to major transmission substations, away from NATURA 2000 areas, areas of outstanding Natural Beauty or areas with archaeological interest.

We lease the land for 40+ years under a notarised lease agreement.

Benefits to the Landowners

  • Steady bankable income up to 1500€ / he per annum
  • Inheritable income.
  • Benefits to the local area throughout the construction period
  • Enabling the realisation of the national net-zero targets.
  • Option to sell the land at a premium.


If you are interested to partner with us and develop your own energy storage projects, contact us to discuss your goals, strategy and feasibility of your plans.


If you are a landowner with land close to a high voltage substation and you are willing to know what you could earn, contact us to discuss the terms and conditions for a long term lease or purchase.