Green Hydrogen – Driven Energy Transition

The EU has pledged to reach net-Zero by 2050. Hydrogen will play a key role in this transition. At Mammoth we know that hydrogen energy transition will not reach maturity overnight. Hydrogen is very versatile, therefore it will start with specific applications and it will expand with the full integration of large scale infrastructure projects.

Furthermore, green hydrogen produced through electrolysis powered by renewables and sustainable / waste water resources will be a major pillar to the greening of:

  • The industry, especially in energy intensive production processes.
  • The replacement of fossil fuels in Heating
  • The Heavy Transportation

Benefits of green hydrogen

Reduction of carbon emissions by using renewable generated electricity to sustainable water sources to produce hydrogen. Green Hydrogen can replace fossil fuels in a number of applications.

The rapid development of the technology and the size increase of the electrolysers can add demand-side flexibility.

Mammoth’s Approach in Development

Mammoth Energy strives to become a key developer in green hydrogen projects. We are already looking at a number of projects mainly in heating and shipping applications. Our team has been working on developing knowhow and applying best practises on green hydrogen project development in South East Europe.

With a growing in-house expert team in the Greece and, and with projects under development, Mammoth Energy is excellently placed to drive forward the hydrogen transition.